Code Compliance

Code Compliance Mission Statement:

To provide our citizen with the highest quality of service and to uphold and enforce Code and Standards established to protect the Public Health, Safety and Welfareof all residents, business owners and visitors. Priorities which are consistent with established standards. Courtesy and professionalism will serve as guilding principles which will permeate the character of the Compliance Division, therby ensuring that our determination to deter blight within the City is tempered swith sensitivity and compassion.

Code Compliance Goals:

  •   To educate the public about the City's codes and ordinances and to obtain voluntary complinace. 
  •   Strive to perform our duties in a fair, profesional and courteous manner.
  •   Protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of all property citizens, buisness owners and visitors. 
  •   Develop and establish standards and ordinances that ensure positive effects on property value, community appearance and neighborhood pride.
  •   Partner with other departments and agencies to reach our goals.
  •   Partner with community organizations and associations and assist them in reaching common goals.
  •   Establish and maintain a proactive enviornment to help solve community issues and stay creative and effective Code Compliance Division.  


Contact Info

John Chanthalangsy
Code Enforcement Officer
220 Municipal Dr.