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  • Debbie

    Not impressed. I got a pedicure and manicure in 30 minutes. My toe polish got messed up and he painted over it instead of fixing it correctly. Won’t be back. Don’t waste your $. Go somewhere else. Pedicures are supposed to be relaxing not rushed.

  • Soul Phothirath

    I just had my FIRST visit with them and will be a regular customer when I need my nails down in NWA! Everyone was so kind and gave great customer experience. The nail salon was clean, and my end finish product of my nails and my eyebrows were AMAZING! I prefer to get dip powder when I get my nails done and it’s hard for me to find an individual who can do it right! I had Jonathan as my manicurist and he was a total gem! I even took a bunch of business cards when I left. This is the place you want to go if you’re looking for a luxury nail salon and have a modern feel to it. Thanks Casabella Team! – Soul

  • Slim

    I went to this salon for the first time this morning. I waited maybe 30 seconds and was asked what I needed. Chris did a fantastic job by doing exactly what I requested. He was professional, polite, and was very funny. Jenny did my eyebrows after and I had the same experience from her. I will definitely be returning to this salon.

  • Grace

    does anyone know specific prices of manicures?

  • Haley

    That nail salon looks super cute.

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