Planning makes every effort to stay on schedule per the Planning Submittal Calendar and we understand every application anticipates urgent attention.  However occasionally delays may occur due to a large number of new and ongoing projects.  Planning asks for your patience as we and staff work as expeditiously as possible to keep your project on schedule and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience of delays.

Planning Staff

Lorene Burns

Planning Director

(479) 795.2750 Extension 22

Nicole Gibbs

Senior Planner

(479) 795.2750 Extension 29

Dianne Morrison Lloyd


(479) 795.2750 Extension 21

Planning Department

  • Introduction
  • Major Services
  • The mission of the Planning Department is to manage the land development and permitting processes of Centerton in an efficient and effective manner by advising boards, assisting applicants for developments, and enforcing land use and related regulations, with the goal of saving the city from unnecessary expenses in the future to correct development problems and to protect the citizens’ investment in property.

  • This office primarily provides:

    • Long-range land use planning;
    • Oversight of current planning;
    • Administration and enforcement of land use ordinances and regulations (zoning, subdivision, watershed, floodplain management, junkyard, communications towers, off-premise signs, and mobile hone regulations); and
    • Coordination of Community Development Block Grant funds for scattered-site housing funds for low-income residents.

Planning Commission Members

Important Documents