Master Bike / Pedestrian Trail Plan

Master Street Plan

The City of Centerton is in the process of updating the Master Street Plan. A Master Street plan is a document that helps guide the city in wise planning for the future over a 10-20 year horizon.  The Plan will assess existing street connectivity and help plan for future growth and development. The Master Street Plan is NOT a list of “construction projects”, but rather a guide to identifying valuable connectivity corridors and classifying streets in a way that provides safe use and reasonable right-of-way for future needs.

The Master Street Plan helps establish clear expectations for public officials and private developers. In many cases, it allows for the reasonable acquisition of right-of-way as a part of “planned” development, as opposed to “after the fact” acquisition, which can be difficult and expensive.  The Plan also allows the City to identify priority projects that the City may want to construct as part of its capital improvement plan and allows the City to budget for, and/or seek outside funding (grants/matching funds) to complete at a time that is most beneficial for Centerton.  The Master Street Plan seeks to capitalize on the existing infrastructure of the City of Centerton, while planning for the continued growth of our City. The Plan will seek to provide options for relief of current traffic congestion, with an eye for providing multiple north-south and east-west corridor options for the transportation network of the future.

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Master Trails Plan

The City of Centerton is in the process of updating the Master Trail Plan. A Master Trail Plan is a document to guide the planning and development of the overall trail system for the City of Centerton.  The Plan identifies existing trails and points of interest, as well as potential routes for future trails.  The location of designated trails which do not physically exist at the time of the Plan’s adoption is shown as general corridor locations. When an area develops which includes a proposed trail, the Planning Commission will approve that trail’s specific location, and may also approve site-specific concerns and interests, while assuring that the goals of the Plan are achieved.

The Master Trail Plan seeks to provide a looped system of trails to accommodate a wide variety of bicycle and pedestrian users. The Plan will also connect Centerton trails to the overall NWA trail system, allowing Centerton residents to access trails within the broader network, for commuting, leisure and health benefits.

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