Community Visioning Workshop

The Visioning Workshop for the Centerton Comprehensive Plan has been scheduled for Monday, June 24! Join us and be a part of the comprehensive planning process. Participants will help to establish a vision for Centerton and partake in an interactive mapping exercise. Now’s your chance to shape the future of your community. We encourage everyone to attend and look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Visioning Workshop Information:

Casabella Spa and Nails

The City of Centerton would like to welcome Casabella Spa and Nails located at 1805 East Centerton Blvd. They are open now and their hours are Monday thru Saturday 9:30am to 7:30pm and Sunday 11:00 am to 5pm.

Welcome to our growing community and stop on by and welcome them to our community.

Mayor Bill

Jakes Fireworks

The City of Centerton would like to welcome Jakes Fireworks to our growing community, located at 920 East Centerton Blvd, they are now open to serve your fireworks needs.

Welcome to our community
Mayor Bill

72 West

The City of Centerton would like to welcome another new business in our fast growing community. 72 West located at 11507 West Highway 72 here in Centerton is now open for business.

72 West is a retail store that offers an eclectic mix of both new and old merchandise. We have everything from furniture and home furnishings, baby gifts, jewelry, glassware, pillows to marbles. Plan on spending some time with us because every inch of our 5,000 square feet is packed with treasures.

Welcome and thanks for choosing Centerton to open your great new location.

Mayor Bill

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

The City of Centerton would like to welcome another new business to our growing community, Hawaiian Shaved Ice located at 226 Main Street is now open for business.

Hours of operation is Monday thru Friday 4pm to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 12 pm to 9 pm. Come on down and check out our newest business and thanks for choosing Centerton to open shop.

Mayor Bill


Good Morning, the City of Centerton would like to welcome the Bravis Agency to our fast growing community. A little about Bravis, Since our beginning in 2007, we’ve created a dynamic and growing business with a team of smart, talented individuals who strive daily to fulfill our mission: We partner with great brands to bring strong, innovative and effective marketing campaigns to life at retail. A.W. Bravis is a full service retail and shopper marketing agency. Our superior industry knowledge places us in the position to develop campaigns that not only look great, but are also executable and cost effective.

They have built a beautiful new building at 2050 West Centerton Blvd here in Centerton and we welcome you to the community and appreciate choosing Centerton as your new home.

Thanks Mayor Bill

Garrett Youngblood, State Farm Agency

Good Morning, The City of Centerton would like to welcome another new business to our growing community, Garrett Youngblood, State Farm Agency located at 151 West Centerton Blvd is now open for business.

Stop on by and welcome Garrett to our community, and thank you for choosing Centerton to open your business.

Mayor Bill

Legacy Sports Academy

The City of Centerton would like to welcome another business to our growing community. Legacy Sports Academy located at 297 Seba Road is now open for business.

Legacy Sports Academy is a state-of-the art multi-sport complex featuring the largest indoor facility in Arkansas with over 20,000 square feet of indoor artificial padded turf. Legacy’s primary athletic training and development will focus around baseball and softball. The 9,000 square foot Performance Center will contain six 70′ batting/pitching cages and a 100′ x 14′ strength/conditioning training area. The 12,000 square foot Fieldhouse will contain 110′ x 110′ of padded turf and netting with two retractable batting/pitching cages. The Fieldhouse accommodates a 90′ baseball infield with adjustable bases for baseball/softball base path distances. In addition, the Fieldhouse is perfect for football, soccer, lacrosse and scrimmages.

Our mission is to leave a Legacy for our youth delivering a True Athletic Experience that teaches character traits such as leadership, teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, positive attitude, solid work ethic, and athletic development, all while learning necessary life lessons and honoring God with their abilities.

In order to achieve this mission Legacy Sports Academy provides a children friendly atmosphere conducive to learning team skills, growing families closer, and providing guidance to children in need while allowing them to have fun in a sports atmosphere. We accomplish this by making sure we provide a facility and staff geared toward teaching children the appropriate skills they need to succeed not only in sports, but also in life. In doing this we develop a Legacy of young athletes who become confident, responsible, and respectable leaders of our community.

Welcome to our Community
Mayor Bill